Our technology platforms can lead to products that are easier to use for patients and caregivers while reducing costs for payors and the health care system.

The Xeris Solution for Conventional Formulation Limitations

Our proprietary technology platforms

XeriSol™ XeriJect®

Non-aqueous formulation technology platforms are designed to address the limitations of aqueous formulations for certain drugs. The solutions and suspensions formulated using our technology have high stability and solubility.


NO reconstitution

Ready-to-use injectable with a straightforward administration.

NO refrigeration

Room-temperature stability, no refrigeration required.


SMALLER injection volumes

Small injection volumes due to non-aqueous formulation.

CONVENIENT administration

Qualities allow for subcutaneous (SC) or intramuscular (IM) administration.

Our biocompatible non-aqueous injectable solutions and suspensions can be packaged for administration in various commercially available ways:

Single-use auto-injector
Prefilled syringe
Multi-dose pen

XeriSolTM can be used for SMALLER molecules

How it works

  1. A peptide or small molecule formulation is created at an optimal, specific ionization profile. This allows the peptide or small molecule to remain soluble at high concentrations.
  2. The aprotic, polar solution prevents aggregation and fibrillation of the drug substance.
  3. When a ready-to-use XeriSol formulation is injected into a patient, it is effectively placed back into an aqueous environment, where it behaves appropriately.

XeriJect® enables SC and IM administration of LARGE molecules

The XeriJect formulation technology is best suited for drugs and biologics including large molecules such as proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines.

How it works

  1. Specialized particle engineering techniques are employed to create powders for optimal drug loading.
  2. The powders are “wetted” with biocompatible diluents, creating ultra-concentrated, ready-to-use, injectable viscoelastic suspensions.
  3. The viscoelastic suspensions can be administered IM or SC, using syringes, autoinjectors, pen-injectors and on-body injectors.

We have successfully formulated and tested XeriJect with a large molecule concentration in excess of 450 mg/mL. This far exceeds current aqueous formulation systems with stated concentrations of 50-250 mg/mL. Both technology platforms can lead to products that are easier to use for patients and caregivers.

Conventional Formulation Limitations

Injectable pharmaceuticals typically rely on aqueous solutions (primarily water) to deliver drugs and biologics (liquid parenterals), but many drugs and biologics have low solubility in water and are not stable. There are a number of conventional approaches to addressing these barriers.



Products are freeze-dried into a powder that must be reconstituted with a liquid diluent prior to use. This is often a challenging multi-step and time consuming procedure, especially in emergency situations.


Reconstituted products may either need to be used immediately or refrigerated because they begin to break down once combined with water.


Complicated formulations

Products may require complicated formulation process and additional excipients to make them soluble.

LARGE injection volumes

Products may require injection volumes that are too large for SC or IM delivery and therefore necessitate intravenous (IV) infusion.